For a partner

Are you a partner of Uber, Bolt or Free Now drivers? Welcome! With us, you will gain the automation of settlements with your drivers. The time saved will allow you to expand your fleet and gain new drivers.

In brief:

  • reduce costs of settlements with drivers
  • automate your billing
  • get new drivers
  • manage a fleet of vehicles rented to drivers

For a driver

Do you drive on Uber, Bolt or FreeNow applications? You couldn't find a better place for yourself! With us, you are able to monitor the status of your settlements on an ongoing basis using the online application. We'll tell you the regions and times of profitable rides. And if you're not a driver yet, we'll show you partners operating in your city. And all this under a completely free account! Register today!

In brief:

  • control the status of current settlements
  • plan favorable ride times and regions
  • find a partner in your city
  • be compliant with Lex Uber
  • work efficiently and earn more
  • book an appointment for periodic medical examinations
  • take advantage of car civil liability insurance offers for professional carriers



Thanks to cloud computing, you no longer have to store your spreadsheets and other files on your own laptop, where they were exposed to breakdowns and theft.

User friendliness

The application has an extremely intuitive user interface. The ability to use the Internet is sufficient to navigate freely.


The system is available 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world in the web browser of any device.


The application provides instant access to information that interests you; even to those of them that require complicated calculations.


The system is ideally suited to your needs, tedious activities become straightforward and simple.


Thanks to the functionalities of the Cabio platform you will have more time. And time is money!

Supported suppliers


Thanks to the Convertible platform I have a current view of my account balance and I decide when to withdraw funds for travels made.

Uber & Bolt Driver

On the CABIO platform, I can provide online to my Fleet Partner all information necessary for settlement, including fuel invoices.

Uber & Bolt Driver

Cabio helps to complete the formalities related to the law on taxi transport - in one place you can insure your car or arrange a medical examination.

Taxi Driver

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